We love our work

At IVTECH, we don’t build the product we THINK is right, we build the product that we (together) DISCOVER is right

There are three iterative steps to ensure the success of a digital product:

  • Outline of User Stories
  • Clickable wireframe prototype of the core flow

What We Do

We believe in the quality of hours over quantity of hours. Putting the latest and the best development tools into the hands of our developers providing the best software solution for your requirements.

Our Mission

Understanding the client’s vision and needs, may it be in software development and UX/UI design. Our services cover the full product life-cycle: UX, Design, Architecture, Development, Manual and Automated testing, DevOps and maintenance.

Why Choose Us

Our professional approach allows us to create a wide range of software products. We excel both in building brand-new systems and taking care of the code developed by others In the past. Or if you want to make it easier for you- We’re pretty damn good.


To Make It All Work…


The best professionals love what they do. At Blue Label Labs we aim to create an enjoyable workspace so that we can recruit and keep the very best. Working only with nice clients is part of that! 🙂


We love to be challenged! Please share your vision with us, and hold us to a high creative and technical standard. Come to us with problems, so we can solve them together.


An average Blue Label Labs team has built and shipped more than a dozen products together. We’ve seen many successes and some failures. We’re happy to share our experience!


In the world of software, we’ve learned it’s often better to make the wrong decision than to make no decision at all. Wrong decisions can usually be corrected more easily than starting from scratch!


Blue Label Labs uses Lean Design alongside Agile Development methodologies. This means we’ll be seeking user feedback early, often, and for the life of the project. Please help us obtain and address user feedback to increase your chances of success.

Our A Team

Trusted by the country’s leading brands and entrepreneurs.

“We contacted Eden regarding preparation of a demo server and a web application for our Cellular Hardware platform under short timeframe. Eden and Igor were able to meet all our demands on time. They showed great professionalism and at the same time conducted their business in honest and flexible manner. After this short demo project we decided to use their services to develop an web platform for our IoT hardware. I highly recommend taking their services.”

Ishai Shamir
OriginGPS Project Manager


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